Projects conducted by the COALESCE Lab members


A network science approach to social cohesion in European societies

As European societies are becoming increasingly unequal, diverse, and polarised, concerns about their cohesion are growing. In this light, it is surprising that social cohesion research has almost entirely ignored one of its core dimensions: relationships.

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Inclusivity norms to counter polarization in European societies

The project team focuses their research on inclusivity norms, which are social group norms that promote equality-based respect, dialogue, and unity, to prevent the harmful consequences of polarization for the social tissue of European communities.

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A network science approach to social cohesion in Spain

As societies are becoming increasingly unequal, concerns about societal cohesion and democratic functioning are growing.

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Community dimensions, personal networks, and social exclusion

Spain’s recent economic growth helped it recover from the 2008-2014 crisis, but it has not benefited large sectors of the population.

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The role of transnational social fields in the emergence, maintenance, and decay of demographic enclaves

Romanian enclaves in Spain have received little academic attention so far, but are nevertheless of singular importance locally.

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Strategies of survival of households in poverty: The role of formal and informal support networks

The global financial crisis of 2008-2014 increased the number of households in situations of poverty in Catalonia (as in the rest of Spain) and the severity of their problems.

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Special module of the National Barometer

The economic crisis and social cohesion in Spain

The economic crisis of 2008-2014 hit Spain hard, leading to high unemployment rates, evictions, and emigration.

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Independent PhD projects

Independent PhD projects

Apart from the funded research projects, various PhD students at the COALESCE Lab conduct independent research into topics of their choice, either with their own competitive PhD grants or self-funded. Currently, they are:…

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