Sophie De Lede

Visiting student

Research interests Polarization

I was a visiting student at the COALESCE Lab from Osnabrück University, where I am enrolled in the master’s program of Cross-Cultural Psychology. I am interested in interpersonal and intergroup relations, (non-)normative attitudes and behaviours (development), and in how one can bridge between research and practice. My interests align with the international project "Inclusivity Norms to Counter Polarization in European Societies (INCLUSIVITY)" which is (among others) conducted in collaboration with Miranda Lubbers and Alejandro Ciordia at the COALESCE lab, in which I also work as a student research assistant in the department of developmental psychology at Osnabrück University. I have spent time at the COALESCE Lab to broaden my perspective and to gain knowledge on using personal network analysis to study psychological and social phenomena.